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Arghavan tile company has been working with members of the Board of Directors since 2001 and based on the experiences of several years, Mr. Kamal and Hossein Haji Deh Abadi have been working. In 2013, with the development of the actions, the products and designs are initiated by obtaining representation Then it is produced and distributed in the form of Arghavan, Lexus and caresses in Shirkouh, Orchin, Rabat, Bastan, Saadi, Goldis, Aghigh, Keyhan, Passargad and Yazd tiles.
In addition to the domestic market, it first began exporting to Iraq, and then entered the markets of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Nigeria, Qatar and Oman.
Now with the management of Mr. Haji Deh Abadi, and about 50 personnel, with 17 years of experience and scientific and technical aristocracy, he is proud to be in the field of producing and delivering ceramic tiles to customers' tastes and taking into account the variety of products in service. Customers and Suppliers.

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